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5 Ways You Can Prevent Varicose Veins

Notice any slight bulges in your veins over the winter? Maybe the first dark-colored tinges of blue or purple? If so, you might be concerned about varicose veins this summer. While new treatments for varicose veins have made the condition more manageable than ever before, you still want to do everything you can to prevent varicose veins in the first place.

Check out these five ways you can prevent varicose veins in the future. (Also, be sure you’re already practicing the top four prevention strategies.)

#1 Exercise Your Ankles

If you’ve been sitting for a long time, you might want to try preventing varicose veins with some simple ankle flexes. Rotate your feet in clockwise circles seven or eight times, and then reverse. Next, rock your feet forward and back several times, all the way from the heel to the tip of your toe. Repeat this series of exercises two to three times.

#2 Take a Load Off

Do you spend most of the day on your feet? If so, the veins in your legs may have a difficult time pumping blood back up to the heart. Everyone – even individuals in great shape – should take periodic breaks. Walk around, flex your calves, or sit down with your feet up for a few minutes.

#3 10-15 Minutes of Elevation

In fact, elevating your legs above your heart for just ten minutes every hour or so may go a long way in preventing varicose veins – especially if you’re frequently on your feet.

#4 …and, Back on Your Feet!

Having healthy circulation is all about movement. So, after you take a break, be sure to get back up on your feet and keep moving. Sitting still for a long period of time can slow the return of blood to the heart.

#5 Rethink Your Office Chair

Proper ergonomics can play a role in preventing varicose veins, too. If your office chair is too deep, then it could be inhibiting healthy circulation in your legs. Get a chair that works well for your height and leg length.

Learn more about new treatments for varicose veins in the Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix areas. Also, be sure to check back next week for five more tips on preventing varicose veins.


Please consult with your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.



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