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Fish Oil, Vitamin K & Other Supplements for Varicose Veins: Do They Work?

Author: Hassan S. Makki, D.O., FACC

Varicose veins – those thick, ropy, bulging veins in the legs – are a health problem that affects one out of two adults over the age of 50, according to the Society of Interventional Radiology. Once a vein becomes dilated, diet, exercise, and other supplements will not “cure” the vein. (Though you may be able to prevent veins from worsening with these dietary changes.)

Today, I’d like to address some of the common misconceptions about supplements for varicose veins. Fish oil, omega-3s and vitamin K are some of the supplements you may have heard you use as a varicose vein treatment. However, the truth is, these supplements are not valid varicose vein treatment options. Here’s why…

Fish Oil As a Supplement for Varicose Veins

Fish oil – which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – is often touted as a beneficial supplement for vein health. It is often praised by nutritionists and physicians for its role in opening up blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and preventing clotting (all beneficial things, which can reduce risk of stroke, atherosclerosis and other health issues). However, there is little to no evidence that a fish oil supplement provides any benefit for varicose veins.

Vitamin K As a Supplement for Varicose Veins

Vitamin K is another oft-praised “supplement” for varicose veins. This is because vitamin K is believed to help prevent blood clotting. However, there is not enough substantial evidence to suggest vitamin K prevents the formation of or worsening of varicose veins.

Should you avoid omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin K? Not at all! Get plenty of them! Just don’t load-up on these supplements with the intention of at-home varicose vein treatment. Learn about Venefit, an effective, in-office procedure for varicose veins – available in Phoenix, AZ.

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