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Using Grape Seed for Varicose Veins? (And Other Supplements)

Can I Use Supplements for Varicose Veins?

If you’ve started to notice bulging varicose veins in your legs or elsewhere on your body, you’re probably eager to do something – anything – and do it fast! Considering that one in two adults over the age of 50 develop varicose veins, the natural and herbal remedy industry has created plenty of supplements for varicose veins as “solutions.”

But are those supplements safe? And do they work? Today, I’ll be sharing some answers to these varicose vein FAQs. However, please talk to your physician before making any changes to the supplements or medications you use.

Can I Use Grape Seed for Varicose Veins?

Grape seed extract is frequently praised in some circles as a therapy for varicose veins. This is because grape seed contains several compounds that could be beneficial. The first ingredient is oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) – a kind of bioflavonoid. Some studies have suggested that these bioflavonoids can reduce swelling in the legs.

However, there has not been enough research to support their use across a wide patient population. Also, it’s known that using grape seed extract along with a vitamin C supplement may raise blood pressure. This so-called “supplement” for varicose veins can also be dangerous for patients using blood thinners. Therefore, it is probably best for most patients to avoid using this extract for varicose veins. (And no patient should use any vitamin or supplement without his physician’s approval.)

The second reason you may have heard about using grape seed extract for varicose veins is because it’s a rich source of vitamin E. This vitamin can be beneficial for varicose veins because it promotes healthy circulation. If your physician does approve of the use of vitamin E for varicose veins, you may wish to get it from a source other than grape seed extract because of the potential risks mentioned above. Again, ultimately, your physician’s recommendation is the advice you should follow.

Schedule a Free Varicose Vein Consultation (Phoenix or Mesa)

Though you may find alternative therapies for alleviating symptoms, varicose veins do require intervention. To learn more, schedule a free varicose vein consultation with Valley Vein Center by calling our Phoenix (call 602-234-0004) or East Mesa (call 480-380-1404) offices.

With Venefit Targeted Endovenous Therapy, patients usually experience a faster recovery and better outcomes than they do with traditional laser ablation. Also, this in-office procedure causes very little scarring, bruising or swelling. Schedule your consultation today. Contact us.
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